Cartoon Drawing: Basic Technique

For this article, I will assume that you are an avid animated film artist and are always looking for techniques and tips to improve your animation drawing skills. So I’ll jump right into the techniques you can use to do just that. I’ll start with the basics, but I’ll also cover some intermediate techniques you need to master.
If you are a beginner, learn how to draw simple shapes first. And before that, you have to get acquainted with pencils. And learn to hold the pen properly so you can easily draw fine lines without straining your fingers.
You should always draw a line using light pressure on the pencil. You get two advantages from this technique. First, your fingers do not tire quickly and secondly, if you make a mistake and take it from me, you will make a lot of mistakes because for beginners you can always easily erase your mistakes without everything looking dirty.
When drawing basic shapes, it is recommended to use a notebook with a stem. Grids help you perfectly position and size your images. Use a notebook with a grid that is so dimmed that you can’t see the picture even though you can see the grid.
Once you find it easy to make different shapes, you are ready to do it because as you can imagine, all of your drawings will just be a collection of different shapes. At this stage, start painting various household items. Start with simple things and don’t draw complicated things like cars, let alone complex models, as this can be very embarrassing for beginners.
Once you are more or less satisfied with your object drawing skills, it is time to practice drawing in perspective and learn how to use shadows to convey depth and weight to your objects.
Step by step, it would be wise to invest in a good comic book. Before choosing your book, make sure it has enough practice that will really force you to use your own imagination. Because, personally, I think a book that only instructs you to copy a given number won’t carry much value. And when you receive the book, take the time to follow the book and do the exercises.
Drawing with me as a cartoon is fun, but drawing well with animated films isn’t always easy. If you feel that you are not progressing well the first thing to know is that this is normal and every beginner will go through this stage. So your job is: to be with him and keep practicing. Over time, you will find that your ability to draw with cartoons has improved significantly. So don’t stop yet.

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